Matrimonial Matters


Congratulations, you’re engaged!  But put the romance aside for a moment – getting married also means signing a legal contract. That is a sobering thought.

Before exchanging vows, there are certain legal requirements that you need to attend to, in order to ensure that your marriage will be valid in the eyes of the law.

The South African Marriage Act lays down all the rules regulating how a marriage should be solemnised, who may marry one another, where and how the wedding may be conducted, and by whom.  If you fail to comply with the regulations set out in this Act, your marriage could be declared null and void.

Should you wish to enter into a customary marriage in terms of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act, or rather conclude a Civil union in terms of the Civil Union Act, there are also certain requirements that have to be met.

Marriage, whether it is beginning or ending, requires legal advice and assistance.

Wiese & Wiese Attorneys and Cost Consultants are experienced and equipped to assist you in the following matrimonial matters:

  • Antenuptial agreements
  • Pre-wedding consultations with regards to different marital regimes
  • Change of marital status
  • Divorces