Debt Collector


A debt collector should always try to consult with a debtor in order to negotiate an acceptable arrangement as to when the overdue amount will be paid.  However, the situation is not always that simple.

The National Credit Act indicates that a credit provider may begin with legal proceedings as early as twenty days of the consumer being in arrears.

Wiese & Wiese Attorneys and Cost Consultants understand the undesirable impact of bad debt on your business’s bottom line and fiscal health.  We pride ourselves in providing our clients with an entrepreneurial approach to their collection needs.

We will advise you honestly about the possibility of success in each instruction to enable you to make an informed decision – before instructing us to proceed with a recovery of the debt.  Tailor-made fee agreements can be negotiated to suite the nature of your business.

Our customised Dept Recovery Solution process includes the following services:

  • Personalised approach
  • Full legal process
  • Full risk fee basis (with a contingency fee agreement)
  • Acknowledgement of debt agreements
  • Tracking and tracing of missing debtors
  • Weekly reports