Wills and Estate Planning


Death is often an unexpected occurrence, the impact of which can be managed by leaving a proper and valid will.

Wiese & Wiese Attorneys and Cost Consultants will assist you in drafting your last will and testament.  Our experienced team also offers a complete assessment of the liquidity of your estate.

This service includes the calculation of the cash surplus or shortfall in your estate. We can further partner you with a certified financial planner, who can assist with resolving any deficits in your estate and assist you with any other financial planning need.

Legal fees and additional costs in your estate can be a confusing topic, and might have a detrimental impact on the liquidity of your estate.  These costs include executor’s fees, estate duty, accrual claims, income tax, capital gains tax, court orders with regards to maintenance as well as claims from creditors.

Understanding the liquidity of your estate might prevent the possibility of your heirs and loved ones having to sell valuable assets to raise funds for the payment of the aforementioned fees.

Wiese & Wiese Attorneys and Cost Consultants are qualified and experienced in the drafting of wills. Our trusted team will advise you with regards to the guardians, the executor of your estate, trustees of a trust (inter vivos and mortis causa) and the Guardians fund.

Our Estate planning services includes, but are not limited to, the following offerings:

  • Administration of deceased estates
  • Inter vivos, family and Mortis Causa trusts
  • The drafting of wills and trust deeds
  • Liquidity assessments of your estate
  • Winding up of estates
  • Advice on unforeseen costs